MegaDetector results for camera trap datasets

I was planning to run MegaDetector on some of these datasets… any chance you’ve already done this?

Yes! As of October 2022, we’ve run MegaDetector versions 5a and 5b on every camera trap dataset on LILA, except for Snapshot Serengeti, for which we post results from MDv4, because we’re still trying to sort out this very odd issue.

Note that virtually all of these datasets have been used as part of MegaDetector’s training data, so although they are representative of the gist of MegaDetector’s performance in various ecosystems, we don’t recommend using them in any formal evaluations of MegaDetector’s accuracy.

If anyone needs Snapshot Serengeti results, we have run MDv5a and MDv5a at both 1280px and 640px resolution (which will make sense if you read the issue description); email us if you need those results.