Boxes on Bees and Pollen


The goal of the BeeLivingSensor project is to non-invasively track honey bees at hive entrances, and to track the type and volume of pollen they bring into the hive. By analyzing the color of the pollen and aggregating it with other data, the project aims to to determine the plant biodiversity around the beehive.

This data set contains approximately 5,000 images of bees annotated with bounding boxes on both bees and pollen, for a total of around 50,000 annotations.

Data format

The zipfile linked below contains 4993 image files, each of which is associated with an .xml file of the same name. For example, “Chueried_Churied_01_ST_216.xml” contains the annotations for the image “Chueried_Churied_01_ST_216.jpg”.

Annotations are in the Pascal VOC XML format for objection detection. A typical individual bee object, for example, would be annotated as:



If you use these data in a publication or report, please use the following citation:

Noninvasive bee tracking in videos: deep learning algorithms and cloud platform design specifications. Dataset, 2021.

Contact information

For questions about this data set, contact the project team via the project’s contact form.


This data set is released under the Community Data License Agreement (permissive variant).

Downloading the data

This dataset is provided as a single zipfile:

Having trouble downloading? Check out our FAQ.

Posted by Dan Morris.