Channel Islands Camera Traps


This data set contains 246,529 camera trap images from 73 camera locations in the Channel Islands, California. All animals are annotated with bounding boxes. Data were provided by The Nature Conservancy.

Animals are classified as rodent1 (82914), fox (48150), bird (11099), skunk (1071), or other (159). 114,949 images (47%) are empty.

1All images of rats were taken on islands already known to have rat populations.

Citation, license, and contact information

If you use these data in a publication or report, please use the following citation:

The Nature Conservancy (2021): Channel Islands Camera Traps 1.0. The Nature Conservancy. Dataset.

For questions about this data set, contact Nathaniel Rindlaub at The Nature Conservancy.

This data set is released under the Community Data License Agreement (permissive variant).

The original data set included a “human” class label; for privacy reasons, we have removed those images from this version of the data set. Those labels are still present in the metadata.

Data format

Annotations are provided in COCO Camera Traps format.

For information about mapping this dataset’s categories to a common taxonomy, see this page.

Downloading the data

Metadata is available here (18MB).

Images are available as a single zipfile:

Images are also available (unzipped) in the following cloud storage folders:

  • gs://public-datasets-lila/channel-islands-camera-traps/images (GCP)
  • s3:// (AWS)
  • (Azure)

We recommend downloading images (the whole folder, or a subset of the folder) using gsutil (for GCP), aws s3 (for AWS), or AzCopy (for Azure). For more information about using gsutil, aws s3, or AzCopy, check out our guidelines for accessing images without using giant zipfiles.

Having trouble downloading? Check out our FAQ.

Other useful links

MegaDetector results for all camera trap datasets on LILA are available here.

Information about mapping camera trap datasets to a common taxonomy is available here.

Posted by Dan Morris.