This data set contains approximately 10,000 camera trap images representing 23 classes from Eastern North America, with bounding boxes on each image. The most common classes are “American Crow”, “American Black Bear”, and “Dog”.

Citation, license, and contact information

This data set is released under the Community Data License Agreement (permissive variant).

The data set is described in more detail in the associated manuscript:

Yousif H, Kays R, Zhihai H. Dynamic Programming Selection of Object Proposals for Sequence-Level Animal Species Classification in the Wild. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2019. (bibtex)

Please cite this manuscript if you use this data set.

For questions about this data set, contact Hayder Yousif.

Data format

Annotations are provided in the COCO Camera Traps .json format used for most data sets on lila.science. Images containing humans were removed from the data set, but the metadata still contains information about those images.

Downloading the data

A link to a zipfile is provided below, but – whether you want the whole data set, a specific folder, or a subset of the data (e.g. images for one species) – we recommend checking out our guidelines for accessing images without using giant zipfiles.

Download links:

Images (3.6GB)
Metadata (3.6MB)

An “unofficial” version of the metadata file that only includes annotations for images that are present in the public data set (i.e., from which metadata for images of humans has been removed) is available at:

It is not guaranteed that this version will be maintained across changes to the underlying data set, but we’re like 99.9999999% sure that if you’re reading this, it’s still accurate.

Having trouble downloading? Check out our FAQ.

Posted by Dan Morris.