SWG Camera Traps 2018-2020


This data set contains 436,617 sequences of camera trap images from 982 locations in Vietnam and Lao, totaling 2,039,657 images. Labels are provided for 120 categories, primarily at the species level (for example, the most common labels are “Eurasian Wild Pig”, “Large-antlered Muntjac”, and “Unidentified Murid”). Approximately 12.98% of images are labeled as empty. A full list of species and associated image counts is available here. 101,659 bounding boxes are provided on 88,135 images.

This data set is provided by the Saola Working Group; providers include:

  • IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group’s Saola Working Group (SWG)
  • Asian Arks
  • Wildlife Conservation Society (Lao)
  • WWF Lao
  • Integrated Conservation of Biodiversity and Forests project, Lao (ICBF)
  • Center for Environment and Rural Development, Vinh University, Vietnam

Citation, license, and contact information

If you use these data in a publication or report, please use the following citation:

SWG (2021): Northern and Central Annamites Camera Traps 2.0. IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group’s Saola Working Group. Dataset.

For questions about this data set, contact saolawg@gmail.com.

This data set is released under the Community Data License Agreement (permissive variant).

The original data set included a “human” class label; for privacy reasons, we have removed those images from this version of the data set. Those labels are still present in the metadata.

Data format

Annotations are provided in COCO Camera Traps format.

For information about mapping this dataset’s categories to a common taxonomy, see this page.

Accessing the data

Class-level annotations are available here:

Bounding box annotations are available here:

swg_camera_traps.bounding_boxes.with_species.zip (with the same classes as the class-level labels)
swg_camera_traps.bounding_boxes.no_species.zip (with just animal/person/vehicle labels)

Images are available in the following Azure blob container:


So, for example, the image referred to in the metadata file as:


…is available at:

Images are also available in the following Google Cloud Storage folder:


The full data set is around 1TB, so you may not want to download all the data. You can download images programmatically, or you can download a list of images with AzCopy (for Azure) or gsutil (for GCP), as documented on our download FAQ. If you are working on Azure, use the South Central US Azure region, and consider mounting the blob container using rclone or BlobFuse. Mounting instructions are also available on our download FAQ.

Having trouble downloading? Check out our FAQ.

Other useful links

MegaDetector results for all camera trap datasets on LILA are available here.

Information about mapping camera trap datasets to a common taxonomy is available here.

Posted by Dan Morris.